John Wynne Hopkins Art - Military - Aviation - African Wildlife - Welsh Landscape

 John Wynne Hopkins specializes in oil painting and paints outdoors.

no matter how cold or wet the weather, it has never stopped me completing a painting

John was born In Dafen, Llanelli and educated at Llandovery College. He loved to paint and draw from an early age. One of his first influences was David Shepherd, the famous wildlife and military artist. When John and his family moved to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in 1954 he soon began painting African wildlife. He received his first military commissions in Rhodesia, as the bush war was at its height. John served in the 1st Battalion The Rhodesian African Rifles.

On returning to Wales, Llanelli in 1982, John met up with an old friend, Gareth Thomas. They spent many hours painting together outdoors. Light, atmosphere and working from observation of the Welsh landscape are what matter to him.

the pleasure of painting in the field is exhilarating and provides hours of tramping across our beautiful Welsh landscape

His Landrover 110 station wagon is his mobile studio when the weather is impossible.

John’s paintings are held in collections across the world. He is a very active member of Llanelli Community Heritage, the Rhodesian Army Association and exhibits with the Guild of Aviation Artists and the Llanelli Art Society