John Wynne Hopkins  B.Ed., A.G.Av.A.
Military Aviation, Landscape & Wildlife Painting
‘GATOOMA’, 58 Queen Victoria Road, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 2TH.
Tel: - 01554 750761. Mobile: - 07850 669779. E-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1954 - Born in Dafen, Llanelli.
Brought up in Northern Rhodesia.

1967-73 - Llandovery College
1973-74 - Cardiff College of Art.
1974-1977 - Trinity College Carmarthen.
University of Wales, Swansea.

Military Service:
1st Battalion The Rhodesian African Rifles.

Associate of the Guild of Aviation Artists, London.

Public Collections:
1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry.
1st Battalion The Rhodesian African Rifles.
Essexvale Battle Camp.
Trinity College Carmarthen.
1 Regiment Army Air Corps.
4 Regiment Army Air Corps
5 Regiment Army Air Corps.
7 Regiment Army Air Corps.
9 Regiment Army Air Corps
R Sqn 22 SAS Regiment.
Museum of Army Flying, MiddleWallop.
WO & Sergeants Mess, Army Air Corps, Middle Wallop.
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.
1st Battalion the Devonshire and Dorsets.
The Royal Irish Regiment.
2nd Battalion The Light Infantry.
Royal Logistics Corps.
4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Wales.
Llanelli Town Council.
Mynydd Mawr Railway Co Ltd.
British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, Bristol.
The Rhodesia at War Collection, RAFA Club, Bedford.
The 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards.
2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh.
Sir David Mansel-Lewis, Stradey Castle.
Col John Waddy - 4th Parachute Brigade, Arnhem.
Brig Mike Dauncey DSO - Glider Pilot Regiment.

Works in private collections across the world in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, USA, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, France, Canada, Germany and private collections throughout the UK.

Exhibitions & Group Shows:
1977 Llanelli Art Society
1982 Llanelli Art Society
1983 Llanelli Art Society
1984 Llanelli Art Society
1985 Llanelli Art Society
1986 Llanelli Art Society
1991Guild of Aviation Artists.
1992 Guild of Aviation Artists.
1992 Society of Wildlife Artists.
1993 Guild of Aviation Artists.
1994 Guild of Aviation Artists.
Guild of Aviation Artists.
Guild of Aviation Artists.
2006 Llanelli Art Society
2007 Llanelli Art Society, Welsh Assembly Building.
2008 Guild of Aviation Artists.
2009 Guild of Aviation Artists.
2010 Llanelli Art Societ (John Bowen Oil Painting Award).
2010 Guild of Aviation Artists.
2011 Guild of Aviation Artists.

One Man & Joint Exhibitions:
Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.
Militaria Islington Exhibition Centre, London.
Game Fair Show. (Various)
1992 Music in the Air Show, Middle Wallop.
St Athans Air Show.
Llandrover Magazine Show, Eastnor ( Invited by Landrover).
2007 Parc Howard Museum, Llanelli.
The Crane Gallery, Mumbles.
The Craftsman Gallery, Swansea.
In The Frame Gallery, Llanelli.
Carisbrooke Gallery, London.
Mall Galleries, London.
2011 Llanelli Heritage Festival.

Paintings featured in various Publications and Books:
Soldier of Fortune,
Army & Navy Magazine,
1996 Military Modelling Magazine,
1996 Combat& Survival Magazine,
2003 Landrover World Magazine,
Carmarthenshire Life.

1999 Echoes of an African War.
2007 The Saints – The history of the Rhodesian Light Infantry,
2007 Masodja – The history of The Rhodesian African Rifles.

TV & Radio:
Simon Westons - War Stories (TV series).
Various radio programmes. (Radio 5 live, london).

John Wynne HopkinsJohn Wynne Hopkins was born in 1954 in Llanelli, Wales and his family emigrated to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) when he was five weeks old. He was brought up in Africa but returned to Wales to be educated at Llandovery College, Cardiff College of Art and Trinity College Carmarthen, where he trained as an art teacher. Taught in the 'Beacon School', Buckinghamshire before returning to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Commissioned in the Rhodesian Army and served in the 1st Battalion Rhodesian African Rifles. John returned to Wales in 1982. For many years John has painted wildlife, military and aviation scenes and recently began painting Welsh landscapes of the Gower and local area. Attained a Bachelor of Education Degree in 1988.

John Wynne Hopkins PlatoonHis military commissions have included the 1st Bn. Rhodesian Light Infantry, 1st Battalion Rhodesian African Rifles, 1 Regiment Army Air Corps., 4 Regt Army Air Corps, 7 Regt Army Air Corps., 9 Regt Army Air Corps, 5 Regt Army Air Corps (Northern Ireland) , R Sqn 22 SAS, A Coy 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Wales, The 1st Battalion the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and 1 Transport Regiment Royal Logistics Corps.

John has exhibited work with the Guild of Aviation Artists open exhibition in London and in 1992 had work accepted for the Society of Wildlife Artists open exhibition held in the Mall Galleries, London. In November 1992 he was made an Associate of the Guild of Aviation Artists and exhibited work with Gallery Militaire in the Art Mart Show, The Design Centre, Islington, London. 1993 saw John on exercise with the Air Mobile Brigade, 9 Regt Army Air Corps, on Salisbury plain, a week end on exercise with 672 Squadron 9 Regt AAC, 21 and 23 SAS on the Mull of Kintyre Scotland. 5 Regt Army Air Corps (Northern Ireland) flew John out from Swansea for a three-day visit, which included a tour of the Province and military bases.

1995 was an interesting year as John was commissioned by the 1st Battalion the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment to do a painting in Bosnia. He spent a number of days on Mt Igman over looking Sarajevo during his eight days in Bosnia in July. 9 Regiment Army Air Corps, The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps also commissioned Bosnian paintings. In August 1995 John returned to Zimbabwe to spend three weeks painting in the bush, in the area of Chizarira. In 1997 John visited 5 Royal Irish Regiment in BallyKelly, Northern Ireland to do research for a series of Northern Ireland military paintings. 1 Transport Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps commissioned John to do a montage painting of their operations in Northern Ireland in 1998.

In 1999 665 Squadron Army Air Corps commissioned a painting of their operations in Northern Ireland and 659 Squadron Army Air Corps invited me out to Kosovo to gather information for a painting of their operations.

In 2001 and 2002 a number of paintings were completed for 9 Regt Army Air Corps and 4 Regt Army Air Corps, which included a painting of Prestina Airport, Kosovo, Macrahanish, Wotton Airfield and the Freedom of Ipswich parade.

2006 saw John completing a commission for 9 Regiment Army Air Corps of the latest attack helicopter the Apache AH1.

 Ginkle Heath Arnhem  Mt-Igman Devon Dorsets Bosnia  Col John Waddy

2009 the 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards commissioned a painting of their latest MC winner Sgt C.P. Richards MC, Operation Charge of the Knights, Basra, Iraq, 4th April 2008. In 2010 Col John Waddy of Arnhem fame commissioned a painting of the drop of the 4th Parachute Brigade on Ginkle Heide, 18th September 1944, during Operation Market Garden. I spent the week in Arnhem with Col Waddy and the Military Academy looking at the battlefield.